January 13, 2018

Antarctic WSPR beacon / receiver soon to be operational

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This is the latest exciting news about the dedicated WSPR beacon / receiver to be set up at the Neumayer III station on Antarctica. For more information, see also my blog entry of July 29th, 2017.

From the DARC Facebook page, published on January 11th, 2018.
Die Hardware für die geplante WSPR-Funkbake in der Antarktis als gemeinsames Projekt von Technischer Universität München, Hochschule Bremen und dem DARC e.V. befindet sich zur Zeit auf dem Weg ins ewige Eis. Die Installation besteht aus einem Bakensender für die Bänder 160m bis 6m mit einer Ausgangsleistung von 5 Watt sowie einem WSPR-Multiband-Empfänger auf Basis eines Red Pitaya, der simultan alle Bänder von 160m bis 15m beobachtet und bis zu 700 Empfangsberichte stündlich in das WSPR-Net einspeisen kann. Die Inbetriebnahme des Systems an der deutschen Forschungsstation "Neumayer III" ist noch für den Januar 2018 geplant.
Addendum 15.01.2018
Felix Riess DL5XL reports on wsprnet.org that testing of the RX setup has begun today (January 15th, 2018). The beacon callsign is DP0GVN and the first RX spots have already found their way to the wsprnet.org database! They're not using the final antenna setup yet and there might be extended off times while they're working on the system.

According to info on fellow blogger PE4BAS' blogsite (http://pe4bas.blogspot.com) for TX they will be using a Procom vertical antenna at the main building. For RX they will use two loops, one of 170 m and one of 20 m size, located at the chemistry laboratory 3 km away from the main building. The planned up time of the beacon will be one complete 11 year solar cycle!

Addendum #2 15.01.2108
Wow, the DP0GVN beacon is already doing an excellent job! I started WSPRing on 20m around 18:50 UTC and in an hours time I've already been spotted in Antarctica three times! I'm using my 200 mW U3S transmitter and a sloper EFHW wire antenna.

And this is what it looked like at Neumayer III Station around the time I was spotted (from the Neumayer III webcam):

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