My DXCCs (226)

Last update: 15.12.2018

Radio amateurs like to count the countries they've worked. But what defines a country? What is a country and what is not? How should one count? Is Hawaii a country or not? How does one compare the number of countries worked to that of other hams?

These questions already were asked in the very early beginning of amateur radio. The answer would be to be able to check against a standard list of countries of the world. Already in the 1930s hams in the US started the preparation of such a list. Their work lead to what became known as the ARRL DXCC Entities List. Over the years many countries were deleted from the list, and others were added. The current DXCC list contains 339 "entities".

Entities are often, but not always, countries. Each entity contains some definable political or geographical distinctiveness. Hawaii for instance is part of the US, and as such is not a separate country. Because of its distance to the US however, it has a geographical distinctiveness, and therefore is included in the DXCC list.

When a radio amateur is talking about the number of countries he's worked, he's always referring to DXCC entities.

The DX World Guide by Franz Langner, DJ9ZB nicely documents all current DXCC entities

Many DXCC entities do not have amateur radio operators among their population or even arent't inhabited at all. To such entities often so called amateur radio "DXpeditions" are organized, to activate these entities and give radio amateurs around the world the opportunity to add these rare "most wanted" countries to their log.

The DXCC (DX Century Club) is a radio amateur award of the ARRL (American Radio Relay League) earned by making contact with 100 or more entities around the world. It starts with the basic DXCC award (confirmed contacts for 100 entities) and from there on radio amateurs can work their way up to the DXCC Honor Roll (confirmed contacts with 330 entities). The DXCC award is one of the most prestigious awards in amateur radio

Below is my personal count, currently standing at   226  entities (mixed, i.e. a combination of CW, phone, and digital contacts). I will update this list whenever required, and the most recent version can be found at any time under the "Pages" listing in the blog's sidebar to the right.

The order of callsign prefixes and the entity names are as listed in the DX World Guide. This book by Franz Langner, DJ9ZB nicely documents all current DXCC entities.

1A - Sov. Mil. Order of Malta (SMOM)
3A - Monaco
3B6, 3B7 - Agalega & St. Brandon Islands
3B8 - Mauritius
3B9 - Rodriguez Island (new)
3C - Equatorial Guinea
3V - Tunisia
3W, XV - Vietnam
4J, 4K - Azerbaijan
4L - Georgia
4O - Montenegro
4X, 4Z - Israel
5A - Libya
5B, C4, P3 - Cyprus
5H-5I - Tanzania
5R - Madagascar
5T - Mauritania
5U - Niger
5Y-5Z - Kenya
6V-6W - Senegal
6Y - Jamaica
7Q - Malawi
7T-7Y - Algeria
8P - Barbados
8Q - Maldives
9A - Croatia
9G - Ghana
9H - Malta
9I-9J - Zambia
9K - Kuwait
9M2, 4 - West Malaysia
9M6, 8 - East Malaysia
9N - Nepal
9Q-9T - Dem. Rep. of the Congo
9V - Singapore
9X - Rwanda
9Y, 9Z - Trinidad & Tobago
A2 - Botswana
A4 - Oman
A5 - Bhutan (new)
A6 - United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.)
A7 - Qatar
A9 - Bahrain
AP - Pakistan (new)
B, BY - China (People's Republic of)
BV - Tawain
C3 - Andorra
C5 - The Gambia
C6 - Bahamas
CE - Chile
CE0 - Easter Island (Rapa Nui)
CE9, KC4... - Antarctica
CM, CO - Cuba
CN - Morocco
CP - Bolivia
CT - Portugal
CT3, CT9 - Madeira
CU, CT8 - Azores
CV-CX - Uruguay
CY0 - Sable Island
CY9 - St. Paul Island
D2-D3 Angola
D4 - Cape Verde
DA-DR - Fed. Rep. of Germany
E3 - Eritre
E4 - Palestine (new)
E7 - Bosnia and Herzegovina
EA-EH - Spain
EA6-EH6 - Balearic Islands
EA8-EH8 - Canary Islands
EA9-EH9 - Ceuta & Melilla
EI-EJ - Ireland
EK - Armenia
EL - Liberia
EP-EQ - Iran
ER - Moldova 
ES - Estonia
ET - Ethiopia
EU-EW - Belarus
EX - Kyrgyzstan
EY - Tajikistan
F - France
FG - Guadeloupe
FJ - Saint Barthelemy
FM - Martinique
FP - St. Pierre & Miquelon
FR - Reunion Island
FS - Saint Martin  (new)
FY - French Guiana
G, GX, M, 2E - England
GD, GT, MD, 2D - Isle of Man
GI, GN, MI, 2I - Northern Ireland
GJ, GH, MJ, 2J - Jersey
GM, GS, MM, 2M - Scotland
GU, GP, MU, 2U - Guernsey
GW, GC, MW, 2W - Wales
HA, HG - Hungary
HB - Switzerland
HB0 - Liechtenstein
HC-HD - Ecuador
HC8-HD8 - Galapagos Islands
HH - Haiti
HI - Dominican Republic
HJ-HK, 5J-5K - Colombia
HL, 6K-6N - Republic of Korea
HO-HP - Panama
HQ-HR - Honduras
HS, E2 - Thailand
HV - Vatican
HZ, 7Z - Saudi Arabia
I - Italy
IS0, IM0 - Sardinia
J2 - Djibouti
J3 - Grenada
J5 - Guinea - Bissau
J6 - Saint Lucia
J7 - Dominica
JA-JS, 7J-7N - Japan
JT-JV - Mongolia
JW - Svalbard
JX - Jan Mayen
JY - Jordan
K, W, N, AA-AK - United States of America
KH2 - Guam
KH6, 7 - Hawaii
KL, AL, NK, WL - Alaska
KP2 - Virgin Islands
KP3, 4 - Puerto Rico
LA-LN - Norway
LO-LW - Argentina
LX - Luxembourg
LY - Lithuania
LZ - Bulgaria
OA-OC - Peru
OD - Lebanon
OE - Austria
OF-OI - Finland
OH0 - Aland Islands
OJ0 - Market Reef
OK-OL - Czech Republic
OM - Slovak Repubic
ON-OT - Belgium
OU-OW, OZ, 5P - Denmark
OX - Greenland
OY - Faroe Islands
P4 - Aruba
PA-PI - Netherlands
PJ2 - Curacao
PJ4 - Bonaire
PJ7 - Sint Maarten
PP-PY - Brazil
PP0-PY0F - Fernando de Noronha
PZ - Suriname
RI1/F - Franz Josef Land
S0 - Western Sahara
S5 - Slovenia
S7 - Seychelles
S9 - Sao Tome & Principe
SA-SM, 7S, 8S - Sweden
SN-SR - Poland
ST - Sudan
SU - Egypt
SV-SZ, J4 - Greece
SV5, J45 - Dodecanese
SV9, J49 - Crete
SV/A - Mount Athos (new)
T7 - San Marino
TA-TC - Turkey
TF - Iceland
TG, TD - Guatemala
TI, TE - Costa Rica
TJ - Cameroon
TL - Central African Republic
TK - Corsica
TN - Rep. of the Congo
TR - Gabon
TU - Côte d'Ivoire
TY - Benin
TZ - Mali
UA-UI1, 3, 4, 6, RA-RZ - European Russia
UA2, RA2 - Kaliningrad
UA8-UI8, 9, 0, RA-RZ Asiatic Russia
UJ-UM - Uzbekistan
UN-UQ - Kazakhstan
UR-UZ, EM-EO - Ukraine
V2 - Antigua & Barbuda
V3 - Belize
V4 - St. Kitts & Nevis
V5 - Namibia
VE-VG, VO, VY - Canada
VK, AX - Australia
VK9X - Christmas Island
VP2E - Anguilla
VP2M - Montserrat
VP2V - British Virgin Islands
VP5, VQ5 - Turks & Caicos Islands
VP8 - Falkland Islands
VP8, ... R1A - South Shetland Islands
VP9 - Bermuda
VR - Hong Kong
VU - India
XA-XI - Mexico
XT - Burkina Faso
XW - Laos
YA, T6 - Afghanistan
YB-YH - Indonesia
YI - Iraq
YL - Latvia
YN, H6-7, HT - Nicaragua
YO-YR - Romania
YS, HU - El Salvador
YT-YU - Serbia
YV-YY, 4M - Venezuela
Z3 - Macedonia
Z6 - Kosovo
Z8 - South Sudan
ZA - Albania
ZB - Gibraltar
ZC4 - UK Sov. Base Areas on Cyprus
ZD7 - St. Helena
ZD8 - Ascension Island
ZF - Cayman Islands
ZL-ZM - New Zealand
ZP - Paraguay
ZR-ZU - South Africa


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