July 05, 2018

Magic Band Whispers - Morocco with 100 mW and an indoor dipole!

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Mission accomplished: my 100 mW WSPR signal was received via Sporadic E (Es) on 6m in Morocco! This was one of the goals I had set for this Es season for 6m WSPR (see also my blog entry of  May 17th). The transmitter and antenna used were a QRP Labs U3S and a simple homebrew indoor dipole in the attic for the 6m band!

CN8LI in Morocco hearing PA7MDJ

12 hours period of 6m WSPR reception at CN8LI

Morocco is my 70th DXCC reached with WSPR with 200 mW of power.

CN8LI keeps an interesting blog on cn8li73.blogspot.com.

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