April 29, 2018

North to Alaska! (WSPR chatter 3)

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What a pleasant surprise this morning to see that my 200 mW WSPR signals on 20m had been spotted by KL7L in Alaska!

I used my QRP Labs U3S transmitter and a sloping dipole cut for resonance on 20m.

This is WSPR DXCC entity 68 for me.

KL7L hearing PA7MDJ

KL7L is operated by Laurence Howell from his receive facility at Hart Lake Fishook (grid BP51ip) near Wasilla. about 50 miles north of Anchorage. Laurence seems to be very active with VLF, LF and MF receiving experiments, for which the Hart Lake QTH seems to be the ideal location.

In this article Laurence reports on his reception in Alaska of the VLF signals from the SAQ Grimeton transmitter in Sweden. You'll also find some photos there of the KL7L shack, the VLF antennas used, and the view from Hart Lake looking North over the Pole towards Europe (imagine, that's where my tiny WSPR signal came from!)

View from the KL7L Hart Lake receive facility looking North over the Pole towards Europe (imagine, that's where my tiny WSPR signal came from before being picked up by the antenna of KL7L!) (source)

Here you'll find a YouTube movie where Laurence shows a huge homebrew VLF receiving loop. More interesting YouTube videos from KL7L (user "hellozerohellozero") can be found here.


  1. Glad to have received your signal - Using a Hexbeam at 40ft - a reasonably quiet shoot just to the right over the Right hand tree, Hart (presently frozen) Lake, and over the Talkeetnas mountain range about 10 miles away - the mountains do block off low angle below 5 degrees - 73 Laurence KL7 L (aka GM4DMA)

    1. Hello Laurence! Thanks for replying to my blog! It's very nice to hear from you with some more information on your receiving conditions. Reaching your station in Alaska definitely is one of the most thrilling feats I achieved with my 200 mW WSPR transmitter! 73 de Michael PA7MDJ

    2. Laurence, great job with the interesting videos on YouTube by the way! I enjoyed watching them!