April 27, 2017

Interesting WSPR projects

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Fleet II
The 45 ft sailboat Fleet II is currently crossing the Atlantic from the Caribbean to the UK via the Azores. The skipper is ham operator Peter Baker G4HSO. The sailboat carries a QRP Labs U3S WSPR transmitter which every 10 minutes on the 20m band sends the callsign G4HSO/M (the WSPR protocol doesn't allow a /MM suffix) and the 6 character grid locator. The power is 500 mW fed into a simple mobile whip antenna mounted on the boat's stern guard rail. Yesterday evening I already managed to receive the WSPR beacons from the sailboat while it was lying in port in the Azores in grid locator HM58qm. I hope to be able to receive more WSPR beacons later when the Fleet II is at sea continuing its voyage to the UK.

More information can be found here.

The Fleet II (source)
PA7MDJ hearing G4HSO/M
Mikael Dagman SA6BSS has launched another High Altitude Balloon carrying a WSPR payload, the BSS5. It's currently over Siberia.

More info can be found here on the BSS5 thread on the QRP Labs forum. See also my blog entry about an earlier HAB launch of Mikael Dagman, the BSS4, here.

ZL1SIX Ocean Floater
An ocean going marine buoy built by Bob Sutton ZL1RS with GPS and a QRP Labs U3S WSPR transmitter has been released into the ocean over 11 months ago, and has been adrift and transmitting WSPR beacons from the South Pacific since. And it's still going strong! Little chance of picking up its signals here in Europe, but still a very interesting project to follow!

Check out the project's webpage here.

Drop-off of the ZL1SIX Ocean Floater on May 17, 2016 from the yacht Windflower in grid locator RG93sq (source)

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