October 08, 2016

QSL card in the Spotlight: K1JT - Princeton, New Jersey

Last edited: 09.10.2016

K1JT is the callsign of American astrophysicist Joseph H. Taylor Jr., better known to radio amateurs as Joe Taylor.

Joe Taylor developed the WSJT amateur radio computer program and is the inventor of digital weak-signal communication modes like JT65, JT9, and WSPR.

The JT65 mode has enabled radio amateurs, including myself, to make EME (moonbounce) contacts with relatively low power and modest equipment. I see the invention of JT65 as quite the revolution in EME communications.

Joe Taylor in 1993 won the Nobel Prize in Physics. Find facts and a biography here on Nobelprize.org.

One night when I was CQ'ing in JT9 on 20m HF, the inventor himself replied to my call! How cool is that!

Screenshot from Nobelprize.org

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